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【INORAN】New Album “2019” All the tracks audition is revealed!

posted by: admin September / 10 / 2019 0 comments

2019/8/7(Wed) Released “2019” ▼「COWBOY PUNI-SHIT」MV https://youtu.be/dfT7tCNDi68 ▼”2019″ All the tracks audition https://youtu.be/kl2gevLgDF4 ▼”2019″ Spot CF https://youtu.be/m4qfhAuyUuU  ▼”Starlight” MV “Lyric ver.” https://youtu.be/JlSiF9O7WEE 【Complete Limited Edition -PERFECT BOX-】 NKCD-6868/¥10,000+tax/CD+DVD+LP [CD] 1.Gonna break it 2.COWBOY PUNI-SHIT 3.You’ll see 4.Rise Again 5.Don’t you worry 6.Starlight 7.It Ain’t Easy 8.For Now 9.Don’t Know What To Say… 10.Long Time Comin 11.Made […]