In response to a call from LUNA SEA, “MUSIC AID FEST. FOR POST PANDEMIC” festival will be held on SKY PerfecTV Fuji TV ONE channel (free) to support medical workers and front line workers on Sunday, 31 May, from 6:00 p.m.(JST)
More than 25 artists from past LUNATIC FEST performers and those who have interacted with them, as well as a wide range of supporters, have come together for this project!
LUNA SEA will be the host of this three-hour live broadcast program, introducing live performances recorded by each artist.

The spread of the new coronavirus is causing a heavy economic impact, including music, arts and entertainment industry.
However, the reason that we are still able to spend a life now is that all front line workers, including medical workers, are doing their duty on the front line even though they are having the risk of infection.

We hope that by bringing many musicians together, we will be able to send messages to people living in anxiety in this situation.
We also hope this project will be able to provide support to medical workers and front line workers.

In this project, the “MUSIC AID FEST. FOR POST PANDEMIC” crowdfunding page will be set up to provide support for medical workers and front line workers in cooperation with the crowdfunding service “READYFOR”.

We will share this project with all music fans, with “music” which is essential for “POST PANDEMIC” era.


■Artists(A to Z)
LUNA SEA、BREAKERZ、Char、ELLEGARDEN、EXILE SHOKICHI、FEEDER、GLIM SPANKY、一青窈、清春、倖田來未、コムアイ (水曜日のカンパネラ)、9mm Parabellum Bullet、lynch.、May J.、miwa、MIYAVI、西川貴教、Nothing’s Carved In Stone、OAU (MARTIN、TOSHI−LOW)、大黒摩季、SILENT SIREN、シアターブルック、THE ORAL CIGARRETS、辻井伸行、打首獄門同好会
and more…

Sunday 31 May, 2020, 18:00 – 21:00 (JST) / Live
Fuji Television ONE Sports Variety (SKY PerfecTV! / Free )
• Simultaneous broadcasting on FOD (free)
• Scheduled to be rebroadcast on Saturday 20, June
• A pre-recorded live performance by each artist will be introduced
• If you want to watch FOD from your smartphone, you will need to download the FOD application (free).
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