(日本語) 【LUNA SEA】単行本『The Beginning of the Dream』12月25日発売決定!!


LUNA SEA special book was announced to be released in late December from Rockin’ On. The title, the cover artwork and the release date were fixed!!

The signal fire of the returning of the band “REBOOT”. The unprecedented masterpiece single “THE ONE ― crash to create ―” over 22 minutes length. The double-A-sided single “The End of the Dream / Rouge”. And the nationwide live house tour in 12 years being held now. LUNA SEA is completely awake after 20 years. “FUTURE”, “PAST” and “NOW” of LUNA SEA are packed in 320 pages of this document. The life story of of each 5 members over 20,000 charactors. The exclusive photos shot for the magazine JAPAN or bridge. The newest live photos. The exclusive Q&A only for this book.

LUNA SEA “The Beginning of the Dream”

12/25(Tue) Release
※First edition – “Spin (a bookmark string)” style
2,940yen(tax-in) Size : A5 ISBN978-4-86052-113-4

EPISODE 1 REBOOT-PROMISE – The first voice for a new trip after REBOOT
EPISODE 2 THE ONE – The bond of band through an unprecedented masterpiece single
EPISODE 3 The End of the Dream - Double-A-sided single draws the End of the Dream and the new dream
EPISODE 4 LIFE – HISTORY 5 Life stories, total 120 pages

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