【LUNA SEA】30th Anniversary Tour 2020 – CROSS THE UNIVERSE- Rescheduled dates (Utsunomiya, Matsuyama, and Sapporo)


Due to the continued efforts to stop the wide spread of COVID-19 the,
“LUNA SEA 30th Anniversary Tour 2020 – CROSS THE UNIVERSE,” tour has been postponed. So far 6 shows in 3 cities have been rescheduled so please check below.
Furthermore, I regards to the Tokyo Garden Theatre (Dawn) show, we are currently discussing final preparations and will announce the new date when everything is finalized. We ask for your patience until then.
Thank you all for your understanding.

【Rescheduled dates】
Utsunomiya Bunka Kaikandai Hall
February 27th 2020(Thu) ⇨【Rescheduled to】February 25th 2021(Thu) OPEN17:30/START18:30
February 28th 2020(Fri) ⇨【Rescheduled to】February 26th 2021(Fri) OPEN17:30/START18:30

Matsuyama Shimin Kaikan Hall
April 11th 2020(Sat) ⇨【Rescheduled to】June 26th 2021(Sat) OPEN17:00/START18:00
April 12th 2020(Sun) ⇨【Rescheduled to】June 27th 2021(Sun) OPEN14:00/START15:00

Sapporo Bunka Geijutsu theatre hitaru
May 9th 2020(Sat) ⇨【Rescheduled to】July 3rd 2021(Sat) OPEN17:00/START18:00
May 10th 2020(Sun) ⇨【Rescheduled to】July 4th 2021(Sun) OPEN15:00/START16:00