【INORAN】The Blu-ray “IN MY OASIS Billboard Session” will be out


The self-covered music album “IN MY OASIS Billboard Session” released in June this year will be available as a Blu-ray video.

The Blu-ray features the video of entire performance at Billboard Live Yokohama.
It contains the exclusive version of the new song “Glorious Sky feat. Mao Denda”, which was arranged and mixed differently from the album version,
as well as the behind-the-scenes video “The Story of IN MY OASIS”.

Release: 14 December Wednesday 2022
Blu-ray “IN MY OASIS Billboard Session”

Product Number: KIXM-515
Price: ¥8,580 (tax included)

01. Sennenka
02. Beautiful Now
03. I swear
04. raize
05. Daylight
06. Starlight
07. Fading Memory(feat. Mao Denda)
08. Time After Time(feat. Mao Denda)
09. Glorious Sky(feat. Mao Denda)* Origin version
10. Long Time Comin
11. Rise Again
12. Thank you

<Special Video>
The Story of IN MY OASIS

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