【INORAN】Niconico official channel “INORAN BAR” TO BE ON AIR


RYUICHI and INORAN. They have worked together in LUNA SEA and Tourbillon.
The first collaboration broadcast of “Ryuichi Kawamura Channel” and “INORAN Bar” will be on air.
Tourbillon reunited for the first time in six years on 6 August on “Ryuichi Kawamura Channel”.
Moreover, LUNA SEA will be having “Black Clothes Only GIG 2022 LUNACY” on 17, and 18 December for the first time in 12 years.
Please look forward to what they will talk about.

Ryuichi Kawamura Channel+INORAN BAR Presents
Ryuichi Kawamura x INORAN Special Talk

Friday 2nd December, 19:00 (Live: JST)

Ryuichi Kawamura

Joe Yokomizo

Ryuichi Kawamura Chanel

-Time Schedule may change vary
-Some part of the program is limited to each channel member.
-To watch the full episode, please subscribe to both Ryuichi Kawamura Channel and INORAN Bar.

We are looking for messages, questions and topics you’d like them to talk about.