【INORAN】Niconico official channel “INORAN BAR” TO BE ON AIR!!


The biggest tour in LUNA SEA’s history, LUNA SEA TOUR 2024 “ERA TO ERA EPISODE 1″, which has been hinted at during the “END OF DUAL” Osaka-jo Hall year-end live, has finally been officially announced!

While all eyes are on the long-awaited nationwide hall tour, INORAN BAR’s live broadcast has been urgently decided!

During this broadcasting, INORAN will tell in his own words, before anywhere else, “What is the future of LUNA SEA?”.

As special guest, the drummer of “Ling Toshite Shigure”, Pierre Nakano, who is known as a LUNA SEA freak, will join the broadcasting!

INORAN and Pierre Nakano are known as audiophile, so they will also talk about the INORAN-produced earphones “INORAN x ORB Clear Force INRN,” for which crowdfunding has recently been announced.

Stay tuned!

An urgent INORAN BAR live broadcasting!
Pierre Nakano (Ling Toshite Shigure) will join the broadcasting as guest!

Saturday 27th January, 15:00 (Live: JST)

Pierre Nakano (Ling Toshite Shigure)
MC:Layla Okuhama

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