INORAN will release his NEW ALBUM!


An original album completely arranged and performed by INORAN himself!

Title: “Libertine Dreams”
Release date: Wednesday, September 30, 2020

[Limited Edition – LP SIZE BOX-]
NKCD-6929 / ¥12,000 + tax / CD, Blu-ray and photo album
[CD] 10 new songs (*Same as the first press limited edition CD)
[Blu-ray] Music Video and more (*the same content as the first press limited edition BD)
[Photo Album] *Number of pages still being checked.

Available only at KING e-SHOP

[First Press Limited Edition]
KICS- 93940 / ¥4,800 + tax / CD+Blu-Ray
[CD] 10 new songs
[Blu-ray] Music Video and more to be included.
comes with a slipcase.(to be announced later)

[Regular Edition]
KICS-3940 / ¥3,000 + tax / CD
[CD] 10 songs (same as the first limited edition CD)